Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

Musky Hunter Magazine Has A New Look 2
Early Season Musky Tips For Bucktails 3
Early Season Dark & Clear Water Tactics 9
The Making Of A Memory 12
Lure Selection...A Monthly Profile 16
Musky Lure Selection...A Weather Profile 19
Is It Party Time? 22
Parting The Spring Mist 24
The Musky Fisherman’s Net Dilemma 27
Musky Widow's Lament 32
Bucktails...For Some A Primary Lure 35
Musky Bucktail Colors To Consider 37
Early Season Musky Approaches 40
Are All Bucktails Created Equal? 44
Dressing A Treble With A Twister 51
Down-Sizing For Spring Musky 54
Slop Musky On Plastics 58
Advertisements 63