Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

Musky Hunter Magazine Has A New Look By: Craig Sandell © 2023 If you hadn’t noticed, Musky Hunter Magazine has a new look and is under new management. This new look, and its break from the past by concentrating only on online options, has upset, and confused many folks who are devotees to the magazine. As Musky anglers, we are veracious consumers of any information that could lead to a successful encounter with our Musky friend. Long time subscribers to the magazine have likely kept every issue. Given that past issues of the magazine are already in the hands of subscribers, it seems unlikely that those subscribers would be sympathetic to paying for the same information again. It is noteworthy that there are other online options for getting Musky information that do not require your money or personal information. I am pleased to be able to point to Musky America Magazine as the premier online location for a wide range of Musky angling information. Each month, Musky America Magazine posts articles that highlight monthly tactics and Musky history at no charge. It has long been my belief that, as Musky anglers, we deserve to have access to Musky fishing information without getting our wallet assaulted.