Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

The Musky Fisherman’s Net Dilemma Written By: Craig Sandell With Input From Ron Heidenreich And Joel Wick © 2023 The fact is that many Musky anglers, at one time or another, fish alone. When you tie into a Musky in the mid-30s or greater while fishing alone, a cornucopia of problems that present themselves…not the least of which is landing the Musky. Netting a Musky by yourself will have you trying to get your catch under enough control to handle the rod with one hand while manipulating the net with the other. I refer to this critical procedure as “doing the Musky dance”. Once you net your Musky, the boat chaos is just beginning. The rambunctious netted Musky raises concerns of keeping the net under control while you get the tools you need to safely remove hooks from your catch. In addition, you have to deploy your bump board or other measuring device. Then there is getting your camera ready to snap a photo before you release the Musky. Ron Heidenreich And Joel Wick have come up with an innovative solution to addressing the chaos of the catch. This video link will give you an idea of how a simple addition to your boat can help to reduce the boat chaos once the Musky is in the net: This addition to your boat is even more important when you are fishing alone.