Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

‘skinny’ surface baits are among the regularly used lures. I am used to bringing surface lures through the water at a leisurely to moderate pace. When I began to fish as I usually do, Brad corrected my presentation. Brad mentioned that river Musky are used to having their prey move through the water quickly. He also mentioned that by casting forward of the current flow, you would have to move the lure at a fast rate to keep it in the ‘ambush zone’. As I followed Brad’s casting directions with my Globe, I gained a new perspective on surface bait retrieval. My globe became a completely “different” lure when retrieved at a faster pace. The lure took on the characteristic sound of a ‘tail slapping’ lure that you would get from a tallywacker or top raider. I then tried my Crawler. I have always advertised my crawler as a creeper type lure that you can crank without having it roll in the water. When I cast it into the fast moving current of the river, the lure lived up to my advertising and more. Throughout the day, I tried a wide variety of lures in the fast current. I came to believe that I have been denying myself a presentation dimension when I engaged “traditional” retrieve speeds for surface lure. During our trip on the river we had action from 7 Musky but did not put any in the boat; but I was not disappointed. I learned a valuable lesson about lure presentation that I applied when I returned to fish the Chippewa Flowage…But that is a different adventure. Tight lines