Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

Fishing The Wisconsin River By Craig Sandell © 2013 This September, I had the extreme pleasure and opportunity to fish with one of the premier guides on the Wisconsin River, Brad Wirt. I have never had the opportunity to fish any of Wisconsin’s rivers for Musky and this was a new experience for me. The very first thing that I noticed was the absence of a prop on the 4 stroke motor mounted on Brad’s boat. The prop was replaced with a jet nozzle which allows the boat to travel at normal speeds even in very “skinny” water. The next thing that stood out was the power pole shallow water anchors. Brad said that these were a necessary addition to his 18’ John boat in order to be able to anchor the boat against the fast moving current of the river. We started out from the Brokaw public boat landing and took a 20 minute ride up the Wisconsin River. It was an adventure traveling at 27 MPH and looking over the side of the boat to see rocks and hard bottom just inches under the lightly stained water. Once we got to where we would begin our downriver trek, my reeducation of lure presentation began. Because the water is