Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

HOOK 'EM! Now that I have discussed things that will attract a Musky and get it to strike, the focus shifts to getting hooks into that Musky a higher percentage of the time. I have already sighted an example of the importance in hook placement on a bucktail and how adding an additional hook can help at times. Here are a couple more suggestions that will up your odds of getting a higher hooking percentage. Most of us have all too often felt a "bump" caused by a Musky nipping at the lure. Trimming the bucktail hairs so very little hair sticks out behind the hook really helps to hook those "nippers". Another thing that increases hooking is bending the hook points slightly outward. This not only effectively increases hook size, but also helps them stick much quicker. Of course, sharpening the hooks before each use is paramount. TOOLS AND PARTS Modifying bucktails can range from minor addons to total lure breakdown and re-assembly. Yet even major projects are not all that difficult, requiring only a couple of tools: one good pair of wire cutters and a pair of round noise wire bending pliers. You can easily put together an inexpensive tacklebox kit that will allow you to quickly attempt almost any bucktail modification. In this kit you should include, a few lengths of .045 to .052 bucktail wire (8 to 12" long), an assortment of blades, hooks, beads, egg sinkers, clevises, and prism tape. There are also other small