Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

why brighter colors are effective at times. First and most obvious is lure visibility. A Musky cannot strike what it cannot see, and these brighter colors are often more visible to them. The second reason being simply that it's something different from the usual array of lures the muskies have seen. Bucktails are now available in almost any color one can imagine. And if you can't find what you want, or just plain desire to experiment, there are blades, bucktail hair, plastic trailers, and prism tapes available in a multitude of colors and patterns. Above all don't be afraid to try some really wild color combinations. You might come up with something really hot. TEASERS AND TRAILERS Many of the old time Musky anglers always used a pork rind strip behind their lures to entice Musky strikes. Now we not only still have pork strips but soft plastic worms and twister tail grubs in almost any color imaginable. And best of all, adding one of these as a "teaser" really does provoke a strike when all else seems to fail. There are several ways to hang a teaser from the back of your bucktail, and here's a couple of things to remember. Teasers should hang parallel to the hook shank to avoid unnecessary line twist. Don't let a "teaser" hang more than an inch or so back behind the hook either. Otherwise, you'll probably experience a lot of short strikes.