Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

overhead. If the sky is overcast or even blue, white line would be the least visible to the Musky. What line test should you use? This also is a matter of preference, however, you run the risk of being broken off with line weight under 25 pounds. The lighter the line weight the more likely it is to fray. If you have ever lost a fish to a frayed line you probably retie your line every time you finish fishing a spot (This includes Tuf-Line). If you're not doing that, you may have a great story for the bar as I did in the 2009 Musky season. Consider 40 to 50 pound test line in Tuf-line for your light to medium rods and 40 pound test Micron for the rod you have setup for your heavy jerk baits. You could also use the 80 pound Tuf-line Plus for all your rods. Leaders If you fish for Musky, you probably use a leader. Solid, not braided, wire is usually the leader material of choice. The wire should be stainless steel. What test should the leader be? Wire under 174 pound test (.029 gauge) tends to be prone to twisting and kinking while the heavier leader wire tends to inhibit lure performance. There are some good titanium leaders available on the market. The tag ends of these leaders are secured with a crimp...a potential weak link in the tackle chain.