Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

have at least a 4.7:1 retrieve ratio and should have a large retrieve handle like the one shown here. Reels run from $55 to $130 depending upon where you buy them. Now that you have your reel, you will need some line...what line to get? There are many new line materials available today. Many claim to be indestructible. Frankly, no line is indestructible. Although these new line materials offer smaller diameter, they do not perform well under some applications. If you have ever tried to undo a serious backlash of spectra fiber or Kevlar line you understand the problem. If you use spectra line, you need to change your casting technique so that you don't overpower your cast and cause persistent backlashes. The Musky fishing line of choice for many years has been braided micron. This line material does not stretch very much and so, it is good for lures from jerk baits to suckers. Tuf-line, a spectra line, has been around for a few years and has developed a good reputation. The Tuf-line Plus (pictured) is a rounder line and has a smother finish which will resist fraying. What color line should you use? As is the case with lure color, line color selection is almost a religious experience. Consider though that IF Musky can actually see the line in the water, they would see it only as it passes