Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

What snap to use? The snap should match the gauge of the leader wire. It should be easy to unclasp for the purposes of changing lures but have enough tensile strength to maintain its clasp during a violent Musky encounter. What about swivels? Remember that a swivel is just one more link in the chain that could fail. If you are using a bucktail you should probably use a swivel to prevent your line from twisting. Twisted line makes your line prone to backlash. If you are going to use a swivel, buy a good one. A good swivel may cost $1.50 each but it will not let you down and it will stand up under hard use. If you go on the 'Cheap' and buy the Berkley swivels, which are more suited to bass, you will regret it. What size leader should you use? Depending upon the lure you are using, lengths from 7 inches to 11 inches are good choices. The smaller sizes for surface lures and bucktails and the larger size for jerk baits. And Then There Are Rods Finally, I get to the fishing rod. Rods also come in a variety of materials and sizes. Rod selection is also a religious experience for many Musky anglers. There are some standards that you might want to consider