Musky America Magazine April2023 Edition

using it with the lighter jerk baits as well as with crank baits and I have not experienced a problem. I have also started using shorter leaders with my surface baits and bucktails relying on the resistance of the line to be easily bitten off (This is a personal choice and it carries with it obvious 'lost fish' risks). Line Test Update 9/15/08 I am still using TUF-line (salt & pepper) and I am happy with its performance. I have notices that the 50 Lb. stuff tends to fray a bit over time. In 2009, I will switch to the 80 Lb. and see if there is any advantage to the heavier line. Line Test Update 4/15/12 I have switched to using white Tuf-Line Plus 80# test. I find that the line holds less water weight and packs better on the reel. It also does not fray like the 50 or 80 pound regular Tuf-Line. I bought a 1500 yard spool.