Musky America Magazine April2023 Edition

Line Test Update 7/1/99 I recently used this line during a 20 day fishing excursion to the Chippewa Flowage. The line diameter did provide better reel performance. The problem with the line is its lack of stretch. When you have a backlash and there is a sudden stop in the lure as it rockets through the air, a great amount of stress is placed upon the line. This stress, if the lure is your average surface or jerk bait, tends to be greater than the line test…the result is your line breaking and your lure continuing to sail into the sunset. This happened to me on two different rod and reel combinations. It is also very difficult to see any minor frays in the line. I ended up taking all of the line off my reels and going back to the 40# braided Micron. Line Test Update 6/28/01 This season I made another attempt at using the TUF-Line product. I don't know whether I have changed or the line has changes, but this season I did not experience the problem I did in 1999. I do know that I have stopped over-powering my casts and I am sure that that has made a difference in the performance of the line. It is still hard to detect frays in the line...yes the line does fray. Although you may not need to cut off a few feet of line as much as you do with other lines, you still need to cut it back. I still do not recommend it for the heavier lures like jerk baits, large crank baits and heavy molded rubber baits. Line Test Update 9/28/06 This marks 5 years that I have been using TUF Line on my reels and I have found it to be a consistent performer. I have started