Musky America Magazine April2023 Edition

The First Time Out Submitted by Michele Poletes © 1997 I have always loved to fish, but mostly, it's casting that I love! As long as I can remember, someone would be screaming at me " Keep your line in the water!" or " you'll never catch a fish if you don't leave your line in the water!". When I saw a T.V. program on Musky fishing, I knew this was for me! Fish or no fish, I could cast till I was blue in the face, and I would be doing just what I was supposed to be doing! I have a friend who really knows his stuff when it comes to fishing for the big guys. He took me to a little pond and taught me how to use a bait caster and the different retrieves and, of course, how to untangle a birds nest! Finally, I was ready to hit the water! We decided to meet at one of the metro lakes (Lake Owasseo) after work. I was as happy as I could be, casting over & over again without anyone yelling at me! I was pretty much in my own world, catching a fish wasn't really a concern, when this HUGE thing took my lure! Still, no-one yelled! Mike talked me through it, while Paul took pictures. The fish hit as soon as the lure hit the water, so it took a good long time to get him in the boat. After a few pictures, Mike took him, measured him, and put him back in the lake. No doubt, that fish was as tired as I was! I didn't really realize what I had caught until the next day when I grabbed a tape measurer and saw that he was as long as my