Musky America Magazine April2023 Edition

are going to use it, check it very very very often and definitely re-tie before you move to another fishing spot. The 36 lb. test line is a bit better when it comes to fraying and you can use it for all types of lures with the possible exception of large jerk baits. The 40 lb. test line has got good resistance to fraying and can be used with any lure choice. Remember that this line is very low stretch. This very desirable feature can be a source of problems if the line is frayed or nicked. CHECK YOUR LINE OFTEN. What about other lines? There are many lines on the market that are made of the "high strength/small diameter" material. Much, if not all of it was designed for bass anglers. If you are fishing for bass, go ahead and use it. When it comes to Muskie angling, these lines have a pronounced tendency to break, backlash, and untie under stress. Yes, I know that some Muskie personages have lent their names to these lines, however, the proof is in the performance and these lines may "let you down". I am in the process of doing a field test of T.U.F line. It is made of Spectra and has the usual claims associated with it. I was encouraged to test this line because it is being used by some other Muskie anglers whose opinion I respect...It appears to hold a knot well and strips easily from the reel with light as well as heavy lures. How it performs with a fish on the line...only the season will tell.