Musky America Magazine November Edition

self serving editorial proclamations regarding the magazine's contribution to the sport of Musky angling in an obvious attempt to justify its ever increasing subscription price to the Musky angling population at large while the content of useable information continues to shrink. To read the MHM editorials, one might think that before 1989 there was no organized sport of Musky angling and that the people who did fish for Musky were merely stupid clods without a clue as to technique or tactic. MHM attempts to characterize itself as the messiah of Musky angling but the facts just don't support that. Sadly, it (MHM) gives little recognition to the one organization that is probably the most responsible for the organized activity of Musky angling, Muskies, Inc. They seem to have conveniently overlooked the fact that Muskies, Inc. (Established in 1966, 23 years before the first issue of MHM) and its chapters are responsible for over a Million Dollars in fishery stocking activities that directly enhance our sport and the quality of our fisheries. Another fact conveniently overlooked by MHM is that in 1977 (12 year before MHM) Muskies, Inc. chapters established the first Musky tournament challenges bringing the sport of Musky angling of age as Muskies, Inc. became an International organization. Without the efforts of Muskies, Inc., there would likely never have been the support base to justify a "For Profit" publication like MHM. Now don’t get me wrong, profit is not a dirty word. In order to be in business, any business must make more than it spends. As Musky anglers, we must not lose site of the reality that any publication depends upon a return on its investment in order to stay in business. One would hope, however, that that