Musky America Magazine November Edition

pursuit would not give rise to a level of advertising that over shadows and distorts the information content. MHM is not the "lightening Rod" that furthered the use of the figure eight, night fishing, twitch bait fishing, longer rods, better tackle, surface baits or bucktails as MHM's self-serving editorials have suggested. These approaches to Musky angling were developed by innovative Musky anglers long before MHM was in print. It is also ludicrous to suggest that MHM is the only printed publication where Musky anglers have been able to discover Musky fishing information. "In Fisherman", the first issues of which were free from advertising, provided an extended forum for Musky angling techniques as well as other aspects of fishing. What about "Fishing Facts", "Outdoor Life" and the countless other periodicals that have graced the eyes of many a Musky angling enthusiast? Certainly, the Muskies, Inc. Magazine has, since its first issue in 1979 (10 years before MHM), contributed a wealth of knowledge to the Musky information base, a fact persistently overlooked by MHM. When it comes right down to it, there is very little in the sport of Musky angling that hasn’t already been said when it pertains to tactics and lure presentation. As a dispenser of Musky information, myself, I recognize that I stand on the shoulders of the experiences of the average Musky angler, both past and present. I take his stories, anecdotes, and those factual experiences and package them with my own knowledge in such a way as to provide an ordered and entertaining envelop for the interested reader. It is unfortunate that MHM has apparently abandoned its roots for shirts with