Musky America Magazine November Edition

When You Remove The Hype… All That’s Left Is The Truth. Craig Sandell © 2015 Recently, there has been a lot of hype surrounding Muskie angling and it bears recognizing that Musky Hunter Magazine (MHM) has only contributed to the problem by refusing to speak out against the issues and practices that threaten the health of our Musky fisheries, like Winter Spearing, as well as the Musky politics that diminish the credibility of our sport. This is not a surprise. An insight into the mindset of MHM is evidenced by its self serving content. For those of you who don't remember, the anniversary issue of MHM contained a series of self serving editorials that appear to put forward the proposition that if it weren't for MHM, there wouldn't be an organized sport of Muskie fishing. Yes, it is true that since its first issue in 1989 (under different management than that currently), the magazine has contributed to the existing Muskellunge information base by repackaging existing information in an organized format. However, the magazine of today is not on a par with the magazine as it used to be and it certainly is not nor was not the only wellspring of information for the Muskie angler. Unlike the quality issues of the past, today the reader of MHM is assaulted with relentless advertising as he seeks to gain a little Musky knowledge. Today, the reader is subjected to skewed and