Musky America Magazine November Edition

The boxes are all somewhat similar, however, in today's economic reality, the Special Mate box is almost half the price of the Plano and Flambeau boxes...a very attractive feature. The floating ribbed inserts make it easy to flip through a tackle collection. Also, if you are dead set on spending around $80.00 for your tackle storage, Special Mate has another box you can get for around $42.00, in addition to the 1345c, that is specifically configured for bucktails, spinners and spoons. The 8225s Special Mate box contains 15 dividers, with 15 groves in the top of each divider. It will hold 225 spinner baits, spoons, or similar lures up to 8” in length. The box measures 22” long, 11” wide, 9” high From my perspective, the combination of flexibility, functionality and price make the Special Mate tackle boxes the right choice for the Musky angler starting out or the Musky angler looking for a better way to manage a lure collection. Take a look at the complete line of Special Mate tackle box options by going to Good Fishing