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about Musky fishing with Rob and me but never seemed to make the connection until then. Back then, Dave was only a spectator in the boat as he watched me catch a 37” Musky; thereby reenforcing the belief that there always seems to be action in the boat when a New Guy is on the water for his first time. Fast forward 11 years to today. I invited Dave to come and fish with me again, in hopes that he would stick a fish this time. Rob was not available to be part of the adventure this time, so it was only Dave and me in the boat. I spent a little time with Dave going over how to net a fish and then we set out on the hunt. The weather was not cooperating as the rain had raised the water level on the Chippewa Flowage to a bit over full. In addition, our first day on the water had us braving 25 MPH winds and 5' rollers that were bouncing us as we moved from spot to spot. That first day resulted in no fish, sore butts and the loss of a net to the windy bouncing conditions. The next day we drove over to Jenk's Bait & Tackle to get a new net and then stopped for breakfast at the Robbin's Nest and then it was back on the water. We pulled up on an isolated weed bar topping out at 3' surrounded by deep water. We were protected for the continuing gusty wind, thereby allowing me to use the front trolling motor to methodically cover the weed bar. We were both throwing Janney Tails. We worked over the bar for about an hour when Dave had a hit on his lure about 25' from the boat. I had Dave using an Okuma reel mounted on the Tackle Industries Rod. Dave did not set the hook the same way that a seasoned Musky angler would, but the