Musky America Magazine

rod has a bit of a rebound characteristic that has the effect of helping to set the hook. Dave kept his cool during the short battle as I encouraged him to keep his rod tip high and maintain a tight line. As the fish got close to the boat, I could see that it was a beefy fish but it was hooked in the fleshy side if the mouth by only one of the rear trebles. The fish was "green" as Dave brought the fish boat side. I was anxious to get the fish in the net but when the fish approached the net it bolted, thrashing the water and making another run. Dave was doing a great job as he calmly dealt with the reaction of the fish and a few moments latter the fish was again boat side. Recognizing that the fish was still green, I put the net in the water as deep as I could so that I could simply raise the net as Dave maneuvered the fish to me. Success!!! The fish was in the net and it was still hooked in the side of the mouth but the hooks were embrangled in the net webbing. I told Dave to give me the fish-pic and the hookouts. I slid the fish-pic in the fish's lower jaw allowing me to gain control of the fish as I freed the lure from the fish and the net. I kept the fishpic in the fish's mouth as I removed the fish from the net for a bump board measurement and then handed the 37" Musky to Dave for a photo.