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With our Musky friend released back to the stained water of the Chippewa Flowage, we all sat down to catch our breath from the adventure. After a moment or two of silence, Dave said: "I have heard you guys talk about Musky fishing for years but It had not prepared me for what I just witnessed." We headed off back on the hunt. Although Dave did get a strike later on a surface lure, he didn’t catch a Musky of his own. Nonetheless, Dave was hooked by the experience. Tight Lines New Guy In The Boat Reprise! By Craig Sandell © 2017 In 2006, my good friend Rob and I set out to introduce our good friend Dave Wittrock to the adventure that is Musky fishing. Dave had gotten a new lease on life by virtue of a liver transplant. Dave’s circumstance encouraged him to adopt the approach to his new life to ‘not put anything off until tomorrow when it can be done today’. Dave had always talked