Musky America Magazine

triangulating tree lines with water depth will help keep you in the fish zone. Method Of Attack For the Walleye and Crappie fishermen who like to anchor on a spot, live bait used in conjunction with slip-bobbers is the way to go. Lighted bobbers have been on the market for a few year now, but I prefer to use Cyalume sticks. These glow in the dark and can be attached to the top shaft of your slip-bobber with a simple rubber band. When drift casting, you’ll be covering a lot of water. Most anglers choose a Rapala in this situation. Try using a #13 or #18…the larger sizes make a better target and will catch more and bigger fish for you than the ever popular smaller sizes. As for Musky fishing, you should fish your spots at night the same way you fish them during the day…slowly and methodically. Your lure choices, depending upon the chop on the water can be Hawg Wobbler, Topper, Flaptail, Globe, Creeper or Water Thumper. Make sure that your boat in uncluttered to prevent getting tangled in your own tackle during a nighttime Musky adventure. Special Equipment Many anglers prefer to use spin-cast or push button close face reels at night. These reels are almost tangle free due to their design. These reel types when matched with a highly sensitive rod will help insure a successful trouble free night of fishing for Walleye or Crappie.