Musky America Magazine

On clam days when fish are active, you can catch fish using any rod…but if the fish get finicky and/or the wind picks up, a super sensitive rod is worth its weight in gold. For Musky anglers, the key words are “take your time”. Don’t over-power your casts. Netting a fish can be tricky during the day, let alone in the pitch black of the night. The use of a headlamp, the style that is selfcontained using small batteries, and a rubber coated net will help make the task a bit more manageable. Also, attaching a small flashlight to the handle or you net can be a very handy back up light source. Stow an extra set of bulbs for your running lights. Have a can of bug spray to ward off bugs during the early evening hours. Always wear your life jacket, especially if you are fishing alone. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the Northern Lights while you conduct your nigh fishing adventure for your favorite fish species. Good luck and tight lines.