Musky America Magazine

Creatures Of The Night One major factor in your fishing success lies with your being on the water when the fish want to feed…This time is often during the night. Most species feed both day and night while Northern Pike and perch confine their feeding from dawn to dusk. Musky anglers lose a potential customer after dark because the Tiger Musky, a Northern and Musky hybrid, takes on the feeding characteristics of the Northern. Now, I recognize that there are exceptions to every rule, but in general Tigers feed during the day. Of the many anglers who try night fishing, most lose interest quickly in the isolation of the night. Fishing with a friend at night makes it more enjoyable and helps your to keep from calling it quits too soon. Plan Your Attack Good planning is of prime importance to the night time angler. Take a close look at the lake during the day. The use of a lake map can be a big help in familiarizing yourself with the body of water you plan to fish. Pick three of four spots where you have had success but fish smart! Consider the wind or the lack of it. Wind swept points, bars, reefs, and weed beds that you have had GOOD luck on will probably be a better choice than a spot you have had GREAT luck on if it is a flat-calm the night that you plan to fish. The biggest problem you will have at night will be to know if you are on the correct spot. Learning a spot during the day and