Musky America Magazine

the net. The lure came out of the fish’s mouth and hung up in the net. I had to be careful to avoid hooking myself as I wrestled with the Musky to remove him from the net to take a picture and a measurement. The fish did manage to cut a couple of my fingers with his gill rakers…I was bleeding like a stuck pig as I measured the 35 inch fish on the bump board and snapped a quick photo. I put the fish in the water for what I hoped would be a quick release, but the fish had other ideas. I spent time hanging over the gunwale and coaxing the musky to be on his way. By this time the storm was just about on me. I could feel the rain beginning and the thunder continued to threaten. Finally, the fish began to tense its tail an after a little tap on the head, he was on his way. I hurried to pull up the trolling motor and get back to the resort. I had a boat towel wrapped around my fingers to keep the blood from soiling me and the boat as I made my way back to the dock. The whole adventure took only 15 minutes although it seemed like an hour. I got back to the dock as the storm broke. I was wet, bleeding and shaking from an abundance of adrenaline but I had a fish to register on the Musky chart and claim a button for my hat proclaiming that “I caught Mine At Indian Trail Resort”.