Musky America Magazine

During the fight with the fish, I could see the storm getting closer. I could hear distant thunder and the smell of rain was in the air. The fish finally made an appearance and I could see that it was a respectable fish that had the treble hooked in the fleshy side of the fish’s mouth. Because the water was still in the mid-60s, the Musky was aggressive. I knew that I had to be careful not to “horse” him. The Musky inspected the bottom of the boat and I gave it line being careful to keep the line tight. He did a tour around the boat and he also jumped out of the water shaking his head attempting to throw the hook. I was talking to fish as he continued to try to free himself…encouraging him to behave himself. He was beginning to settle down, so I reached for the net. Of course, the fish decided to make another run as I got the net in hand. I dropped the net and turned my attention back to fighting the Musky. He began to settle down again and as I reached for the net, I realized that the webbing was tangled with a lure that was on another rod. Damn, now I had to free the net while still fighting the fish. To complicate matters, the storm was inching closer and the thunder as no longer in the distance. I managed to free the net and got ready to try to lead the Musky into the net. After what seemed like forever, I had the musky in