Musky America Magazine

adopted; myself included. After Rob left, I worked the evening window myself. It was the evening of June 25th, as I meandered down to the dock around 5:30pm. I had checked the weather on the Internet and things looked to be uneventful weather wise; so, it was a surprise when I looked to the West and saw a healthy storm hanging on the horizon. From the looks of the storm front, I figured that I had about 10 minutes before the storm broke to try my luck. There is a lot of good water only minutes from Indian Trail Resort. I hopped in the boat and motored a couple of minutes to one of those spots…a spot that I had had success in the past. As I lowered my bow mount trolling motor, I could see the storm was inching its way closer. Undaunted, I picked up my bucktail rod that was loaded up with a black bucktail with an orange blade and started to search for an active Musky. As I came up on some emergent weeds after about 5 casts, I felt the lure stop…I set the hook but there didn’t seem to be any weight pulling back. I figured that I had likely hooked a Northern that was mired in the weeds. I began to play the fish when suddenly there was some healthy resistance being offered by this still unseen adversary. The amount of resistance convinced me that I had a Musky; how big I did not know.