Musky America Magazine

When Opportunity Knocks By Craig Sandell @ 2019 If you hadn’t noticed, this season has had some crazy weather conditions, from late ice out to wildly fluctuating heat, cold and rain. Those crazy weather conditions greeted me as I arrived at Indian Trail Resort on the Chippewa Flowage on June 11th. I thought that waiting a couple of weeks to embark on my regular yearly visit would give the water and the weeds a chance to recover from the late ice out, but mother nature was not cooperating. The weed growth was 3 weeks behind and the water temperature was still in the lower 60s during the day with the cold nights sucking out the daytime heating from the water. Musky were being caught, but the fish were still in their postspawn funk so there was no pattern. The only lure the fish seemed to go after was a black bucktail with an orange blade and then not always. My good friend Rob Meusec joined me for a about a week of hard fishing. During the week, Rob was lucky enough to have an encounter with a couple of nice fish, but nothing in the boat…just disappointment. The fish that were being caught seemed to be caught in the early evening, so hitting the water abound 5:30pm and fishing until 9:30pm was the window most of the Musky anglers at the resort