Musky America Magazine

As a kid, I had plenty of opportunity to fish for Musky on a large reservoir exceeding 12,000 acres in size. This provided a seemingly endless number of fishing locations throughout a day of fishing. As a result, I naturally learned to use the Run & Gun method early in my Musky chasing days. When I traveled to Canada for my first time (1996) and fished Lake of the Woods with over 1,000,000 acres of Musky infested water, I was actually overwhelmed when attempting to develop a "milk run" with absolutely no experience in the shield at all. My partner and I established a milk run based on his past trip (this was his second trip to Canada) targeting large weedy bays, bald rock reefs, and small isolated weed beds in between. We saw a few fish on our first day and struggled to establish any consistent pattern. Fortunately, our best guess at a pattern was correct and I connected with my first Canadian Musky, a fat 46 incher estimated at 27lbs. What a fantastic release! We utilized that pattern, small weed beds on large mid lake humps, the remainder of our 3 day trip without boating another Musky, however a few made our knees shake. I am also breaking new paradigms since purchasing my own boat & trailer with which I can explore new waters. A "milk run" should not limit a person to one body of water. I have had great success on small lakes (less than 500 acres) using the Run & Gun method here in Wisconsin. Some days you may need to