Musky America Magazine

hop lakes several times to connect with a good fish, other days one lake might produce consistently. Here is a classic example: I began a day of Musky hunting on a deep, clear lake and was having success due to the overcast skies and light rain. By noon, however, the sky cleared and the sun pounded down onto calm water. The fish "turnedoff" on the clear water lake, but I quickly trailered my boat to a nearby lake with stained water and connected with a nice 41 inch release. I will sacrifice 20 minutes or even an hour of fishing to trailer to a new lake if it will improve my chances of landing a Musky. As you can see, the Run & Gun approach to Musky hunting can be used in almost any situation. Whether you are fishing large Canadian Shield lakes or small Midwestern watersheds this method can reduce the time required to locate and consistently catch the elusive muskellunge. Of course, it is never EASY. Good Luck!