Musky America Magazine

the spot. After about 15 intense minutes of whipping the water to a froth where the Musky last dared to show itself, I eased back into a more comfortable pace and systematically began to work the entire bar with my Creeper. The passing of 30 more minutes of undisturbed casting, the millions of bright pulsations in the heavens making my eyes grow heavier, and the utter stillness of the night all finally joined together to allow sleep to finally overtake my consciousness. Somehow being able to continue standing and turning my reel handle, I fell into intervals of 2-minute sleeps while slowly retrieving my lure …sleeps which were only briefly interrupted by each successive cast. I was just conscious enough to faintly hear the muffled sound of my Creeper plop-plopping on the water and the huge explosion that inevitably occurred. While still asleep, on reflex I was still able to set the hook and then three seconds into the fight I finally woke up! This time I felt meat and I could see white water flying in the distance. Being rather sluggish from my slumber, fighting this fish was more difficult than usual. And the numbness in my hands brought on by the cool night air only added to the challenge. But I was able to land this nice 23-pound Musky….a fish which took a full hour and a half to finally eat my lure, yet another example of why it pays to slow down and fish a spot thoroughly. What better endorsement could you have for a Musky fishing method than if you fish your spots clean, you too might find yourself catching muskies in your sleep!