Musky America Magazine

But I knew better. You have to fish your spots clean! The fight only lasted for a matter of seconds but what a sight. Amazingly, on Steve's very next cast, he had another big one eat his Hawg Wobbler. It later measured 44 1/2 inches. Had we breezed through the area, we never would have dealt with those two fish. After working over the rest of the area, we returned about 45 minutes later - just in case the 30-pounder was still on the feed. On edge because of what could be still lurking in the area, we all just about jumped out of our skins when a 40-incher annihilated Teri's black Globe on her first cast into the area. Three nice muskies all relating to the same small piece of structure at the same time. It was just as if we had lived out one of ol' Mitch's 50year-old Musky tales. It's not necessarily knowing where the spots are that is always the most important thing but how you fish them that makes all the difference. Very often I will take my clients to some spots that they have already fished before. And a common question from many of these first time clients is, "Do you always spend this much time on this spot or do you just have a big one spotted here?" These kinds of questions often end up coming from people who are probably breezing through their spots too quickly and are not fishing them clean.