Musky America Magazine

In our first spot Steve caught a small Musky on a Water Thumper. Then we hit a small reed point not the type of spot that takes very long to hit, and not the type of spot you would think would hold numerous muskies at the same time. While holding the boat in position for Steve and Teri to cast along the edge of the reeds, I noticed one little "hole" that was left open by them - a tiny spot that their lures had missed. After holding our position so my clients could get a lure into that spot, I noticed a barrage of lures land everywhere around that spot but not in the spot. Surely, there couldn't be any hungry muskies left anywhere along the edge of those reeds – or could there be? Well, I wasn't about to move the boat until I found out and a lure landed precisely in that spot. Getting a bit weary of casting that same old stand of reeds, Steve was beginning to question to himself why the boat wasn't moving. Just then, Steve's black Hawg Wobbler landed exactly on target and I thought to myself, "Bingo, that's the spot." As soon as he moved his lure, a 30-pounder exploded on his bait and came flying wildly out of the water! The fish was on halfway to the boat, did some wild turns, and threw the lure. And even though I knew that you can't afford to leave any open holes when you're working an area in such a progression, part of me still thought, "Where did he come from?"