Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

You can find these lures at most any tackle shop at prices that range from $9.00 to $19.00. As I said earlier in this article, it is important to have the flexibility during the Musky hunt to vary the size and presentation of lures to match the seasons and changing weather conditions. There are other fine 'down-sized' lures that one could consider like; • The Bagley Monster Shad • The Brooktails Reactor • The Slammer Minnow Baits • The Grandma 6" Deep Diver (as a twitch bait) • The Rapala 5" Super Shad Rap • The Mepps Muskie Killer • The Wiley 5½" Musky Killer Jackson Lures Unlimited has a good assortment of lures at very good prices. You should also visit your local bait shop. Don't lock yourself into a single lure size or type. We Are All In This Together!