Musky America Magazine June 2023 Edition

Did Cal Johnson catch a world record musky? Again, from the available evidence, it appears that he did. If he didn’t, there should be some credible evidence of that fact—not just someone’s interpretation. From my admittedly "lay person" point of view, who cares? If my husband catches a fish larger than the monster on our wall, I will be excited for him because he will be thrilled. He will be excited because he caught one bigger than his biggest catch so far. To him, musky fishing is a sport. It gives him enjoyment. It makes him happy…. I feel sorry for those who use time and energy to "prove" or "disprove" something that makes no difference to 99.999% of the world. Why is this such a big issue? Will it change the way people fish for musky? Will it improve the equipment that they buy? Will it improve the way lakes are managed? Will it make them happy? Men like to think that they are superior to women because they don’t gossip. They discuss serious issues. To my female ears, this resembles the sound of women gossiping about other women over incredibly petty issues. I’m tempted to call this a "cat fight." Of course, I am just a non-fishing woman. I could be wrong—but I don’t think I am.