Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

Who's The Fish Here??? By: Craig Sandell © 2019 Whether it is the middle of Muskie season or we are 'ice bound', Muskie Fever can still really take hold of us all. We find ourselves dreaming of open expanses of water where monster Muskie are snapping at our lures and providing us the thrill of a lifetime. We find ourselves looking longingly at our tackle boxes and the lures that are in our arsenal and wondering if, perhaps, we should add a lure or two. Throughout the year, we find ourselves inundated by advertisements for lures that are "guaranteed" to catch a Muskie "just like the one" pictured in the ad. But before we start digging too deep into our wallets, perhaps it’s time for a reality check.No lure is guaranteed to catch Muskie. They may be guaranteed to perform in a certain way when used but they are not guaranteed to put a Muskie in the boat. Just because someone "supposedly" caught a monster Muskie using XYZ lure, there is no assurance that you will be able to duplicate that feat if you use XYZ lure.The same thing goes for rods, reels, electronics,