Musky America Magazine January 2023 Edition

Can A Release Be A Musky Record? Craig Sandell © 2020 There have been many articles that demonstrate that there is reason to re-consider the advisability of a record category for Musky that are released. Indeed, there isn't a person out there reading this that doesn't have access to a computer or to someone who has a computer. Computers make it easy to manipulate data regardless of whether that data is text based or graphic based. The availability and affordability of programs that can "enhance" a graphic image and even produce a photo negative brings into question whether one can actually believe what is seen. The concept of a record category for released Musky is an interesting thought but it just doesn't work. The problem is that, tough as it is to admit, there are folks out there that are not above bending the truth of a catch. Why would someone do such a thing? The easy answer is "MONEY". A person who can claim a world record release or a state record release can make a pretty nice piece of change from product endorsements for line, reels, rods, boats, motors and, of course, lures. There is even more to gain if the individual has a line of Musky lures or Musky products or guide services. Gone are the days when stout men climbed into small boats, powered up their 5 HP motors and set out in search of a personal adventure Musky fishing. Today, the Musky experience