Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

You will also need a file for the purpose of sharpening the hooks on your lures. You have choices when it comes to files. The yellow handled file shown here at the right is probably the most common hook file. It is usually under $4.00 and will allow you to put an edge on your hooks. The black handled dual element rounded file is also readily available. It performs very well and can put an edge on your hooks very quickly. It usually costs under $12.00. One Last Little Piece of Advice For the Muskie angler that fishes alone, make sure that you can easily get to the tools that you have brought with you. Do Not put them in your tackle box; they will only get embrangled with your tackle. Try using a small shaving kit bag. These bags have nylon zippers that will not rust and come in sizes large enough for hand tools. They also usually have a carrying strap that you can use to tie a tether between it and the boat.