Musky America Magazine February 2024 Edition

Compound bolt cutters like the one shown here are between $18 and $30. That may seem like a lot to spend on some bolt cutters, however, when you are alone in the middle of 10,000 acres of water attached to a lure that is also attached to a Muskie, you will come to see how inexpensive they really are. Compound bolt cutters protect not only the angler but also the Musky. A badly hooked fish needs to have hooks removed as safely as possible...the compound bolt cutter makes that possible...More If you have not yet added split rings to all of your Muskie lures, then you should consider doing so. Adding a split ring to your lures will reduce the leverage that a Muskie can apply during your next Muskie tug-of-war. It will also make it easy for you to replace hooks that have been straightened, blunted or disfigured in some way as the result of the "mechanics" of Muskie fishing. You will need to get yourself a split ring pliers. The one pictured here at the left is not very expensive (under $5.00), has a nickel plated finish to prevent rust and is relatively easy to use. There are more expensive version, however their increased cost is no assurance of any better performance.