Musky America Magazine November Edition

It is our hope that in the event this study determines that single hook rigs are indeed 'kill rigs," then we as Musky fishermen can be responsible enough to regulate ourselves through education and peer pressure. Education and peer pressure brought us catch and release. In addition, consider the musky spike - it was never outlawed, but peer pressure rendered it extinct. Could we self-regulate if single hook rigs are deemed to be "kill rigs"? We hope so. Because, once we begin to go down the path of outlawing some forms of musky fishing through regulations, it can start a very dangerous ball rolling. What method will then be next? Trolling? Jerkbaits? Where would it stop? We could regulate ourselves right out of a sport. Before we make a move to outlaw any method, we should all very carefully consider the potential implications for the future of musky fishing. Prior to initiating this single hook rig mortality study, we discussed these very same questions at length among ourselves. I wish we could say that we had the answers. It is our hope that, through the information produced from this study, musky fishermen will be able to make rational, informed decisions to address these issues and to educate others on the ultimate effects of single hook rigs, whatever that outcome presents itself to be.