Musky America Magazine November Edition

An Interview With Rich Reinert Wisconsin Musky Expo Organizer By Craig Sandell With all of the other Musky shows that punctuate the off season, I was curious why Rich Reinert decided to make the personal commitment required to organize a successful Musky Expo. To satisfy my curiosity, I sat down with Rich to get his perspective. I asked Rich what motivated him to create the Wisconsin Musky Expo. "Well, to be honest, I was disappointed with the way the usual Musky Expos had evolved. Being a Northern Wisconsin resident, I found myself having to brave the winter weather to drive to Chicago or Milwaukee and found myself seeing the same large retailers and hearing the same spiel from the same seminar speakers…I thought to myself; I Can Do Better." I asked Rich what makes the Wisconsin Musky Expo in Wausau any better than the other shows. "In a word, ‘traditionalism’. Musky fishing has never had the following that Bass fishing has enjoyed and, as a consequence, Musky lure manufacturing has always been a ‘cottage industry’. Somewhere along the way in pursuit of the bottom line, the mass produced Musky lures from large retailers replaced the availability of high quality lures being made in limited quantities by dedicated Musky anglers. It was in my mind to change that dynamic when I established the Wisconsin Musky Expo in