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Locate New Weeds This is one for the summer angler who plans on fishing walleye next May. Weed growth is at its peak in July and August. Locate weed beds on your favorite walleye lake for the following spring. Smart walleye fishermen realize that newly emerging weeds are prime early season walleye hot spots. Scout on a clear day. Put on your polarized sunglasses and cruise the shoreline and shallow bars, visually seeking cabbage and coon tail weed beds and mark them on your map. Deeper weeds are also much easier to spot on the electronics at this time of year For the River Fishermen Rising dirty river conditions often mean a slow, tough bite. A trick that works well it is to go to a completely artificial lure presentation. Favorite lures for this technique include jigs with 2 inch twister tail, 2 inch double tails, or sassy shads. Apply a little fish sent and try fishing these plastic lowers against the current as much as possible. The current resistance against these plastic baits creates vibrations and presents a better target for the walleye. Vertical jigging and river fishing go together like Fridays and fish fries. To increase your chances of catching your next fish fry from a river, try this trick when the fishing actions slows down. Change your presentation by dragging your jig. Occasionally, lift it slightly off the bottom. Veteran river rats have found this change will trigger some of the non-aggressive fish. However, have plenty of jigs because you tend to snag more using this method.