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Some Fishing Tips By Al Denninger © 2014 Every fishing season we learn new tricks to improve and increase our enjoyment and hopefully our catch. Talking to people at sports shows, at my seminars, and in the course of a fishing day, I hear many interesting and informative fishing tips. The following are just a few of the fishing tips I feel are worthy of passing along. Keeping Night Crawlers Cool and Dry Keeping a nightcrawler in good condition can be hard, especially in a boat during the heat of a summer day. To keep your crawlers cool and dry in a boat for an extended period of time, simply place in the crawlers in a double-sided worm box and then put the worm box in a five-quart ice cream bucket that has been set in a large cooler containing ice. The ice will keep the crawlers cool while the ice cream bucket will keep the crawlers dry as the ice melts. The crawlers remain fresh, cool and dry even during the hottest summer day. Vertical Jigging When vertical jigging, your line can become twisted. To prevent this twisting, tying a small barrel swivel about 1ft. up from the jig.