Musky America Magazine

Night fishing has not been real productive for me in Canada; but I have caught muskies, and big muskies, at night; but not a lot of them. I also want to point out that these time periods are also good for suspended fish. This is very important. Many trophies are caught over deep water. This is a surprise to many musky fishermen. Many Muskie are caught in the depths of only 15 feet, with deep water close by. My experience in Canada is that the best fishing has been around noon. Also, the time from 7 PM to 10 PM has been very productive for me; producing a lot of trophy fish. White muskies are white, not because they are albino. Many are colored white because many big fish will move on to rock bars and shelves to allow the sun to energize them; many fishermen do not know this. It is very rare but very exciting to see one of these muskies!