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Insight Into The Decades By: Tony Rizzo©2016 Musky weight is higher in the 10 year decade increments. My findings are interesting. Now, I guide a lot in Wisconsin, so it may not be the same in Canada. I made a graph of the decades in my book "Secrets of a Muskie Guide 2" to and "The Summer Muskie Book" showing that the fishing was best when the decades were in these 10 year increments. Looking at the graph, the fishing was best in 1967, 1978 and 1989. In 1968, I guided a guy to a 38 pound musky. In 1978, I had a great year, boating 108 legal musky along with the largest fish and Vilas County. (The eighth largest, weighing in at 46 pounds with a length of 54 inches.) In 1988, I had the fifth and sixth largest musky in Vilas County. In 1997 I had the largest fish in Vilas County. This is just an example of how important these calendar decades are. Again, these periods may not be the same in other states or Canada.