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also significant because of the deep water around where predator fish will tend to stack up keeping cool while they wait for a feeding opportunity. If you could see these reefs from under water, you would probably see something close to the illustration shown here at the left. By translating this reef from two dimensions to three dimensions you can see that this is likely to be a prime spot to spend 15 or 20 minutes casting a bucktail and a crankbait. You should work your electric trolling motor so that you are casting from 20 feet of water over the top and around the sides of this reef at 7 to 15 feet of water. Reefs like this can hold some very respectable fish and they are an excellent spot to hit while you are on your way to that favorite weed bed or island point. This is also the kind of spot that you can hit morning, noon or night with heavy overcast or blue bird skies. Without a good map of the water, you are fishing, you are really just "driving while blind". It is very important to success on the water that you understand the lake or flowage that you are fishing. Remember too that it is better to know a lot about a small section of a body of water than it is to know a little bit about a large amount of water.