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The Sub-Surface Reef For Musky You Can't Catch'em...If You Can't Find'em Craig Sandell © 2012 Thinking In 3 Dimensions - We live in a three-dimensional world. By perceiving length, width and depth, we are able to function at optimum performance. Muskie also operate in 3 dimensions. They relate to objects in their world relatively the same way we relate to objects in our world, the difference being that we are above water, and they are below water. LOOKING AT A REEF Every Muskie fisherman out there knows that underwater reefs tend to hold the forage fish and mid-line predator fish upon which a Muskie feeds. The illustration at the left is what you would see if you were looking at a map as you planned your fishing trip. Notice the contour lines that indicate the 20, 25, and 30 foot depth ranges. Notice also the grouped contour lines that depict a reef bulging up toward the surface. Just looking at this flat presentation, you don't really get the sense that these reefs are anything about which to get overly excited. Indeed, it would be very easy to overlook them as just some irregular humps similar to may others on the map. However, these reefs are of particular interest. They rises from a depth of 20 feet up to just 7 feet below the surface which means that there could be a feeding opportunity for forage fish here. It is