Musky America Magazine

As Dennis tied up to the dock, John asked him if he wanted to go with us for our little excursion. Dennis was eager to join us…He got his rod from his boat and joined John and myself in John’s boat. The long twilight of the early season evening was setting in as we motored away from the dock heading for a couple of spots close by to Indian Trail Resort. After about a two minute drive, we stopped at the entrance to Bay 2. John set up the drift using his transom mounted trolling motor to propel us in a forward zig zag motion. John had a globe on his rod, Dennis was tossing a Hawg Wobbler and I was using a vintage Surf-O-Reno. About the second cast, I had a terminal backlash on my reel where the TUF line was buried into the reel…the fishing for me was over for the night. John and Dennis worked over Bay 2 and Dennis raised a good sized something at the boat but no hook was felt. John motored us over to the second spot on the evening’s dance card…Jerry’s Bar. The evening had gone calm and the air was warm and very humid, almost to the point of oozing water from the air. John was explaining to Dennis the great potential posed by Jerry’s because of its varying structure and weed elements. Twilight was fading into darkness as I watched John’s globe being retrieved.