Musky America Magazine

By Craig Sandell © 2007 Musky fishing should be fun. All too often it becomes an obsession and, as a result, we tend to lose the personal adventure and shared excitement that is the successful landing of a Musky when there is more than one angler in the boat. It was very early in the new 2004 season and I was on the Chippewa Flowage to open my trailer and sample what early June had to offer in the way of Musky. For those of you keeping track, the winter of 2003-04 was long lived in Northern Wisconsin and water conditions were unpredictable at best. Regardless, I was so happy to be able to renew old friendships and finally get on the water. On May 31st , John Dettloff invited me to take a short evening excursion in search of a Musky adventure…and so, at 8:30 pm I was on the dock making ready to wet a line and maybe stick a fish. As John and I were getting ready to hit the water, Dennis Claggett pulled up to the floating dock for a beer at the Red Bar. Dennis is a long time fixture on the Chippewa Flowage and a genuinely nice man. He has a home in the ‘Hole-in-the-Wall’ South of Pete’s bar. Dennis is a colorful personage and is noted for his donning of shorts, regardless of the weather conditions. Dennis always has a story on his lips about the old days at Herman’s Landing where he, as a boy, witnessed may good sized Musky being brought in.