Musky America Magazine

Dark Water Early Season Tactics Most of the action centers on the dark water lakes, rivers, and flowages due to the fact that they are the first to experience warming. Musky prefer 68-72 degree water temperature. Dark water bodies of water will reach this before deep clear water lakes. A few of the better bets for early season waters would be Moose Lake, which is excellent in May and early June. In addition, Ghost, Lost Land, and teal turn on fast in the early part of the season. Suggested lures are small bucktails and down sized Rapalas and Crane baits. Surface bait action starts out slow, but if you do throw one, make it a slow moving one like a ZZ Topper, or any similar top water lures. Another early season chain is the Spider Chain. Here you can use larger crank baits as you work the shoreline weeds. Fish are very weed oriented in this chain. Even the Walleyes act as though they were bass. Fallen trees are also spots where small bucktails can be very effective. Of course, the Chippewa Flowage, with its dark water usually starts producing nice fish from opening day. A quick look at the Chip’s track record says it all…look at the Musky charts from Indian Trail Resort for perspective. There is always a chance that you will tie into a big early season fish, however, most early season fish are males that range from 36 – 41 inches. Places that I would look for early season Musky action are cattail points, stump areas, and floating bogs that are hung up on stumps…you’ll find fish hanging around these spots. Also, if the water is high, shorelines with fallen trees in 12 inches of water are worth a few casts.